Why Not Boston, Digital Media & Video, Producer, Creator


Why Not Boston was a funny little web show co-hosted by Trish Fontanilla and Lex Schroeder filmed from September 2010 to June 2011. It featured monthly for musings about life and Boston (and life in Boston), special guests, good music, and more. Produced by Jeanne Dasaro and featuring a live audience, Why Not Boston kept life interesting. Some people called it improv news, others just called it a really good time.


Jeanne was Co-Creator, Producer and Editor of Why Not Boston. View two past episodes below or visit http://whynotboston.com to watch more!

Episode 7 (Season Finale): You Should Probably Wear Pants from Why Not Boston on Vimeo.

Why Not Boston – Dance Break 1 from Why Not Boston on Vimeo.