Rising Class, Commission by Boston Rising, Digital Media & Video


Rising Class Boston

Jeanne Dasaro was commissioned by Boston Rising to produce 5 Rising Class Stories from Boston’s North End. These videos are below.

About Rising Class:

Launched in 2012, the Rising Class is a new initiative from Boston Rising, a dynamic nonprofit organization committed to ending the cycle of poverty by enabling people to chart their own paths to success.

At Boston Rising, we believe that everyone is born to rise and that all of us are part of a single class — the Rising Class. While each of us must succeed according to our own ambitions and goals, we all need access to the proper tools to rise: a quality education, a shot at a good job, and the right social connections.

Matt Conti, “The North End/Waterfront website guy with the camera”

Alphonso Dasaro, “You don’t know everything in life until you meet other people. People are life.”

Frank Imbergamo, “Accomplishment.”

Joe Letteri, “All my life, I’ve always loved opening that door that was closed to me.”

Elizabeth Ventura, “You only get one shot at life, don’t waste it.”