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Jeanne Dasaro has 15 years experience as a social entrepreneur, artist, and community builder. She’s the Executive Director of The Art Connection working to create access to original works of visual art in every Boston community. Additionally, Jeanne is the Launch and Operations Manager at South Shore wellness studio, Quincy Yoga & Massage.

Since 2010, Jeanne has served as the founder of the Wonder Women of Boston network which helps women leaders, artists, and professionals of diverse backgrounds connect with and support each other. In 2013, Jeanne served as the Innovator-In-Residence at Wentworth Institute of Technology. Jeanne got her start in education programming at The Lean Enterprise Institute and later at Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Jeanne has roots in solutions journalism and community organizing and believes stories have the power to inform and connect us to one another. She’s inspired by anything that emboldens us to take an interest and make a difference in our communities.

For her work, Jeanne has been featured in The Boston Globe, O, Oprah Magazine and The Boston Business Journal, Boston Magazine, and The Boston Herald.

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