Wentworth Intitute of Technology Social Innovation Lab, Innovator-in-Residence


Named Wentworth Institute of Technology’s first Innovator-in-Residence for two semesters.

Work focused on serving as a valued mentor to students participating in innovation and entrepreneurship programming, expanding networking opportunities for students, faculty, and staff with entrepreneurs and leaders in the innovation space, and collaborating with faculty and staff to advance Wentworth’s position in Boston’s local innovation economy.





About Accelerate + SIL Social Innovation Lab

The SOCIAL INNOVATION LAB [SIL] launched on May 20, 2013. It highlights the focus of our Wentworth’s students to create, design, and develop product and technology innovations that make an impact to communities and individual’s lives.

ACCELERATE  is an innovation + entrepreneurship challenge for Wentworth students turning ideas into reality. The focus is on the learning experience!