Private Yoga

Private lessons are a great way to learn the foundations of yoga or deepen your practice. Do you have an injury? Are you working towards a specific arm balance? Private lessons are perfect for beginners and seasoned students alike. Jeanne offers private and semi-private one-on-one yoga and meditation instruction.

Private Yoga Sessions can be done in your home, work or on location in a few studios in the Boston area.

Private/Group sessions can range between $75-$150 per hour depending on location and amount of students.

Jeanne Dasaro, RYT 200
Jeanne began practicing yoga in 2007 as part of her rehabilitation from a lower back injury. Over the past 10 years, Jeanne has learned that the benefits of yoga stretch far beyond the strength and flexibility gained from physical poses. Jeanne believes yoga and meditation can better connect us to ourselves, each other, and our communities.

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Lil Saltbox, Maine Vacation Rental

The Little Saltbox, a 3 bedroom, 2 bath classic Maine summer vacation cottage with a private backyard and in-ground pool. The property is a peaceful, inviting, and restorative home and vacation hangout owned and operated by Jeanne Dasaro and Alexis Schroeder. Read more about the history of the Little Saltbox by the Sea. 

Additionally, bookings and reservations are available here.

Wonder Women of Boston, Founder

Jeanne Dasaro is the founder and main organizer behind Wonder Women of Boston.

Wonder Women of Boston is an open community of ambitious, accomplished women of all ages and backgrounds in the greater Boston area. Our networking events serve as opportunities for professional and creative women to come together and learn about each other’s work. Our workshops, hosted by local practitioners in a wide variety of fields, aim to provide women with useful skills for rewarding life and work. For more information or for a calendar of events visit:

Photos from past Wonder Women of Boston events are below.


Wentworth Intitute of Technology Social Innovation Lab, Innovator-in-Residence

Named Wentworth Institute of Technology’s first Innovator-in-Residence for two semesters.

Work focused on serving as a valued mentor to students participating in innovation and entrepreneurship programming, expanding networking opportunities for students, faculty, and staff with entrepreneurs and leaders in the innovation space, and collaborating with faculty and staff to advance Wentworth’s position in Boston’s local innovation economy.





About Accelerate + SIL Social Innovation Lab

The SOCIAL INNOVATION LAB [SIL] launched on May 20, 2013. It highlights the focus of our Wentworth’s students to create, design, and develop product and technology innovations that make an impact to communities and individual’s lives.

ACCELERATE  is an innovation + entrepreneurship challenge for Wentworth students turning ideas into reality. The focus is on the learning experience!

The New Prosperity Initiative, Co-Founder, Digital Media & Video

Between 2008 and 2012, The New Prosperity Initiative (NPi), publicized the efforts of individuals and organizations working to build social and economic prosperity in and around Boston, Massachusetts and later, throughout New England and Detroit and a few locations worldwide. Through media and events, we aimed to help weave a network of ideas and solutions aimed addressing the root causes of systemic social and economic issues. As our work evolved, we began entering the conversation on systems change and emergence and began leading workshops like “Social Media Meets Purpose” and “Rethinking Careers in Social Change for the 21st Century”. Learn more at


Jeanne was Co-founder of The New Prosperity Initiative, responsible for Business Development, Operations, Events, Video Production

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