Mindfulness, Movement & Creativity Workshop: Unlock your Inner Artist

Unlock your Inner Artist: Mindfulness, Movement & Creativity

This workshop will help you learn how use both mindfulness and movement to activate your creative process.

There are 4 key stages of the creative brain: preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification. The more effectively we move through these 4 stages the easier we generate and launch new ideas. However for most of us, creativity is not something we can turn on and off. It’s a space we enter into, sometimes inconsistently.

The stillness of meditation and the movement of yoga can help us develop space in our bodies and minds to allow us to more easily connect to our creativity. Better supporting each of the creative stages.

Creativity requires both freedom and constraint in our thinking. We will practice both throughout this workshop and provide tools for you to utilize at home after the workshop.

• Brief Introduction to the 4 Stages of Creativity
• Imagination Inspiring Yoga Practice
• Guided Mindfulness Meditation
• Divergent Thinking Activity
• Personal Goal Setting

Hosted by:

Jeanne Dasaro is a social entrepreneur, artist, and community builder. In 2018, she co-founded Quincy Yoga & Massage, a South Shore wellness studio. Since 2010, Jeanne has served as the founder of the Wonder Women of Boston network, which helps women leaders, artists, and professionals of diverse backgrounds connect with and support each other. In 2013, Jeanne served as the Innovator-In-Residence at Wentworth Institute of Technology. Jeanne is currently the Executive Director of The Art Connection. She’s inspired by anything that emboldens us to take an interest and make a difference in our communities.

Upcoming sessions:

Past sessions:

Exhibition, North End Stories Pop-Up Museum

On June 22, 2013, Jeanne Dasaro curated and hosted a pop-up Italian-American cultural museum that highlighted the North End’s Italian heritage.  Below are photos from the event as well as a video..


Similar to an actual museum attendances were able to engage in multi-media ‘exhibits’ to learn about the history of Italians in Boston’s North End. But unlike a typical museum, this exhibition was an interactive flash mob, made up of North End residents and supporters who shared stories, explained photographs, and showed short documentaries about the North End. Attendees engaged with actual community members about their neighborhood instead of a small placard that usually accompanies artwork at a museum.

The project was made possible by a grant from The Boston Foundation’s new initiative, Expressing Boston. Through ExpressingBoston, the Foundation seeks to diversify the types of art created and presented in Boston and challenge normalized definitions of art. ExpressingBoston hopes to advance a dialogue that explores all kinds of audience engagement and participation that connects with global classics, traditional canons from across the world, and interpretations of varied traditions that reveal the astounding vibrancy of our city.


Exhibition, Boston-Como: More than an Art exchange

Jeanne Dasaro’s videos and photography for her project North End Stories was selected by exhibit curators. 

Boston Como 2013 was an artistic and cultural exchange between Como-based Italian artists and Boston-based American artists. Throughout 2013-2014, two 30-day art exchanges will take place.  The first in 2013 in Como, Italy from July 18 to August 18, and the second in 2014 in Boston, USA.

The title Boston-Como symbolises a kind of round-trip ticket into the world of contemporary art. “more than an Art exchange” stays to indicate that is not only art that moving from a place to another, but a contamination between the Italian and the American Art and a real cultural exchange.


Why Not Boston, Digital Media & Video, Producer, Creator

Why Not Boston was a funny little web show co-hosted by Trish Fontanilla and Lex Schroeder filmed from September 2010 to June 2011. It featured monthly for musings about life and Boston (and life in Boston), special guests, good music, and more. Produced by Jeanne Dasaro and featuring a live audience, Why Not Boston kept life interesting. Some people called it improv news, others just called it a really good time.


Jeanne was Co-Creator, Producer and Editor of Why Not Boston. View two past episodes below or visit http://whynotboston.com to watch more!

Episode 7 (Season Finale): You Should Probably Wear Pants from Why Not Boston on Vimeo.

Why Not Boston – Dance Break 1 from Why Not Boston on Vimeo.

10,000 Hug & T-Shirt Giveaway

Wonder Women of Boston, The D.O.N Clothing and SoJust to spread 10,000 hugs across Boston!
Join us on a walk from Boston Common to the South End to create a positive atmosphere in our city. The walk will be about an hour long, stopping to hug everyone we find on our way.

When you arrive at 11am you’ll be provided a Hug T-Shirt (if you have made a donation, see below) and some flyers. As we walk together we’ll be providing people we meet on the way a flyer, explain to them the 10,000 Hugs Event and how we are supporting the youth by raising awareness and giving them shirts. Then offer the people we meet a friendly hug – and ask them to hug another five people today!

DONATE via our Volt Crowd page:
We want to see our youth engaged in their communities. We want the adults in those communities to encourage and empower the youth. The DON (Definition of Nyce) produces shirts that spread positive messages – and we want to be able to give these shirts to youth at no cost to them. By joining our hug chain, they’ve certainly earned it! So donate to this Hug Chain today, and not only get a shirt for yourself – but for one of our youth, as well! We’ll also be contributing to The City School, an organization developing & strengthening the power of youth to work toward building a just society.


11:00am – 11:15am
– Receive a T-Shirt (if applicable), Get Hug Flyers.

Begin walk — Some people might want to linger in Downtown Crossing area while others go through the park toward Newbury Street.

1pm- Arrive at Laced Boston (569 Columbus Ave), for an after party with music & food.

For those who prefer not to go on the walk, Huggers can choose to stay in one place and offer hugs to potential huggees at our Hug

88-98 Nightengale Street in Dorchester, Boston
99 Salem St. in North End, Boston

Each Hug Station will have a set amount of clothing inventory to donate to youth huggers. If you are a youth hugger, please register by October 5th to be added to the list of youth who will receive a t-shirt on the day of the event – t-shirts are limited and will be given out on a first come basis.

What’s #JoinTheHug all about? Conceived by The DON (The Definition of Nyce), we’re a community oriented clothing brand dedicating the profits to charities. We’re labeled as a “streetwear” brand; outshining others in our genre as we support a non-violent culture; we believe in changing the current language – from Thugs to Hugs, in a sense. Same people, same style, slightly different script.

Who We Are
The DON is a community oriented clothing brand dedicating its profits to charity. A brand with substance – a brand you’re proud to wear. We have the same style & attitude as other streetwear brands but we’re changing the script, sharing positive messages on our shirts.

Jeans McQueens Creative, Fiber Artist & Digital Media

Jeans McQueens Creative is a woman-owned, Boston-based company specializing in unique handmade items to make your world a little brighter.

.Jeanne is Owner and Crafter Extraordinaire at Jeans McQueens Creative

  • February 2011, Juried Show Selection, SOWA Cabin Fever Show, read more
  • October 2010, Juried Show Selection, Arts at the Armory’s Snow Mall, read more
  • August 2010, Juried Show Selection, ahts: The Boston Arts Festival, festival program

Jeanne is also a Crochet, Knitting, and Sewing Instructor at Stitch House Dorchester
December 2009-Present

And she has a series of Crochet instructional videos: