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Jeanne Dasaro is a Boston-based storyteller and change management consultant as well as an avid crafter and bicycle rider. Jeanne believes stories have the power to inform, connect, and inspire–all things that can help embolden us to take an interest and make a difference in our communities. Her work focuses on storytelling that creates a sense of deep connection to place.

As founder of the Wonder Women of Boston network, Jeanne helps women leaders, artists, and professionals of diverse backgrounds connect with and support each other. In 2013, Jeanne served as the Innovator-In-Residence at Wentworth Institute of Technology, working to expand networking opportunities for students, faculty, and staff with entrepreneurs and leaders in the innovation space, and collaborate with faculty and staff to advance Wentworth’s position in Boston’s local innovation economy. From 2008-2012, Jeanne served as Co-Founder of The New Prosperity Initiative (NPi), a community media organization dedicated to social justice, knowledge-sharing, and dialogue across for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

Jeanne spent 4 years as the Education Coordinator at the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), the leading research organization on lean thinking and practice. Several years later, Jeanne worked for the international non-profit Lean Global Network (LGN), on a team with members from 18 different countries. The teams’ efforts focused on lean curriculum development and operational improvements amongst LGN member institutes. She has extensive international travel background and is comfortable working with and in different cultures. Jeanne currently works as a Change Management Consultant with Liberty Mutual Insurance.

For her work, Jeanne has been featured in The Boston Globe, O, Oprah Magazine and The Boston Boston Business Journal, BostInnovation.com, Boston Magazine, The Boston Herald, and Boston.com. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern University in Boston MA.

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